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How long are the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions last for one hour, with the exception of the Voice Keep Fit course sessions, which are 45 minutes. Please note that sessions end 10 mins before the hour is complete to allow time for payment and booking your next lesson. If you want a full hour, payment by bank transfer PRIOR to the session is required.

What do I wear to a coaching session?

It's best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, as singing requires use of the abdomen in particular.

Will I have to buy anything extra on top of the ooaching session rate?

You will be advised as to what vocal practice routine is suitable for you, which you can then purchase via Amazon, Book Depository etc. This will never exceed £15 and will be the only extra expenditure you incur.

Will I have to practice anything outside of the coaching session?

Yes - specifically whichever vocal practice routine that has been recommended to you by your coach. You will receive further guidance on how to practice and how often when you attend a session. No voice can develop or be kept fit and healthy without a practice routine, so it's important you follow the guidance given.

Online Coaching

Why choose online coaching?

Online coaching is ideal if you don't live where I teach from (Glasgow) to attend in-person sessions. It is best suited for song work (e.g. prep for an audition or recording of your own material), or to discuss your singing or performing. It is useful as a follow-up to in-person coaching, to keep a track of progress without having to come to the studios. It is also a cheaper option for coaching if your budget is limited.

How does it differ from in-person coaching?

Due to the limitations of the technology used and the fact I can't see all of you, it is not the best method to work on vocal technique. Singing is largely about breathing technique and posture, neither of which I can adequately see and assess in online sessions. However, I can still hear you, and can pinpoint why your voice may be sounding a certain way and advise you on ways to correct the issue. Being with a person has a magic all of its own and you may feel more self-conscious using online coaching and the required equipment. However, if you are working on your own material or songs for a covers band or audition, online coaching is perfectly sufficient.

What do I need to access online coaching?

Online coaching is delivered using Zoom. You will need a stable internet connection, a laptop with a webcam, and a good quality microphone and stand (so that you can stand up during your session). If you accompany yourself on guitar or keyboard and want to work on songs with me, you will also need an audio interface box, such as PreSonus AudioBox. If you are working with backing tracks, it will be you who plays them from your own device. Any good music equipment shop can advise you on what to purchase and if you're unsure of how to set it up, enlist the help of a computer-savvy friend. It's vital you feel confident using the technology - otherwise the session will be wasted on fixing technical errors!

I'm not an experienced singer - is online coaching suitable for me?

You may feel more self-conscious about singing in front of a camera, but this is something that you will usually feel more comfortable about after a few sessions. However, online coaching isn't for everyone. You may simply prefer face-to-face and get better results that way. As online coaching is limited in terms of working on voice technique, I would strongly advise you to take in-person coaching if you are able to.

How do I pay for online sessions?

I can send you a payment link via text message at the end of our session. Clicking the link will open a form to complete with your bank details. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer prior to the session, by requesting my bank details.


Where do coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions are held within Berkeley2 Studios, 93 Lancefield Street, Glasgow G3 8HZ. It is close to Anderston main line railway station and bus services. Car parking is available at the front of the building.

Is there parking available?

There is metered parking available in the surrounding area, which is free after 6pm.

What train stations are nearby?

Queen Street Station and Central Station are both within walking distance of LoFi Studios.

What buses go near LoFi Studios?

As timetables change, it is best to check directly with First Bus, but as the studios are just off George Square, you will find there are many services that will take you there.


What age groups do you work with?

Adult singers only (i.e. over 18s and beyond!)

What happens if I have a cold or am unwell and have a session booked?

If your lesson is face-to-face and you have something contagious, like a cold, virus, or conjunctivitis, please contact me as soon as possible. Your session can then be re-arranged to online.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a session?

Please allow 24 hours' notice by text or the full fee will be payable. Please do not email if you cannot attend a session on the day as I may not be able to access them. Block booking sessions can be cancelled or re-arranged with up to 48 hours' notice. Out with that period, the session will be forfeited

What if I have to cancel a session on the day?

Full payment will be due unless there are unavoidable circumstances. As I may be coaching already, please notify me by text only.

What is the cancellation policy for block bookings?

If you miss a session within a block booking it cannot be redeemed. If you know in advance that a pre-arranged session has to be changed, simply re-scheduling will be fine.

How long do block bookings last?

Block bookings are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. All sessions must be used within that time period.



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