One-to-One Coaching 


One-to-one bespoke coaching with Louise will give you the unique opportunity to enhance the vocal performance and lyrical interpretation of your own material.  


As a highly experienced singer, live performer, and songwriter, Louise can provide an "outside eye" to your work; in preparation for recording, gigging, or simply just as support while you write. 

Her passion for, and knowledge of, music and the singing voice, together with a unique ability to draw out the best in singers; and in pinpointing aspects of the voice that could be improved upon, makes the coaching work you will do together long-lasting and insightful.

If you're unable to visit the studios, don't like working online, or simply need feedback on songs you've recorded, this can be sent by email for analysis.  Each song analysis includes a full initial report and the sending and further analysis of a revised take.


Coaching is also suitable for audition work (e.g. choirs, acting auditions where you are required to sing) or if working with cover songs.


Musician in the Desert
It's never too late

Whether you are returning to singing or songwriting after a long gap, or are just starting out, as an older musician herself, Louise will provide you with encouragement and inspiration!

Louise has extensive industry experience, having been signed to independent and major labels.  Most recently, as an independent musician, she has self-released and co-written two albums utilising crowd-funding platforms.  


One-to-one coaching can give you the tools you need to overcome doubts and fears, in a supportive environment that works at YOUR pace and with who YOU are as a singer and musician.