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One-to-One Hourly Coaching

Through bespoke advice on how to build and protect your voice, as well as troubleshooting issues that may be affecting your vocal performance, one-to-one coaching shows fast results.


As a highly experienced singer, live performer, and songwriter, Louise can provide guidance as a working musician to those just starting out on their musical journey.  Perhaps you've been singing for a while and just need some feedback?


Her knowledge of, and passion for, music and the singing voice, together with a unique ability to draw out the best in singers; and in working successfully with particularly nervous creatives, makes the coaching work you will do together long-lasting and insightful.

Hourly sessions are available in person or online via Zoom.

Musician in the Desert
2-hour Intensive 

2-hour Intensive is for singers and singer-songwriters working towards a specific goal and where a block of time is more useful than one-hour, random sessions.

All sessions are recorded and an MP3 sent for reference.

This option is ideal if you are:

  • Working on songs to be recorded or performed live

  • Someone who prefers more focused time than hourly lessons, with a gap in between to process and work on what's been going on within the 2-hour Intensive session

  • Finding it difficult to commit to regular lessons due to a busy schedule

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