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Tailor-made coaching for you

The craft of singing

Singing with confidence means maintaining a solid practice routine to develop and protect your voice.  Coaching will signpost you to the right tools to do this, as well as helping you learn basic technique and about how your instrument works; all from an experienced and professional-level singer.  With sessions tailored to your specific needs and ability level, together with detailed follow ups provided after each one, you will see (and hear!) results in a very short time.   

The art of singing

The ability to sing with genuine feeling, on top of sound vocal technique, is what makes a great singer.  Learning performance skills, how to choose songs that suit your voice, manage common issues such as nerves, self-criticism, and perfectionism, together with techniques to interpret the meaning of songs more effectively to an audience, are just some ways one-to-one coaching makes ordinary vocals extraordinary.

Career coaching

Whether you're approaching your first gigs and studio recording, or are already writing and performing regularly, coaching can provide practical and emotional support while you take those first steps, or can be an "outside eye" to help you progress your career if it's not going where you want it to.  Louise's extensive experience of song writing, recording, and live performance, as well as first-hand knowledge of the music industry, can help you move forward.  These sessions can be complemented by follow-up coaching via Skype or e-mail. 

It's never too late

Don't let your age (or anyone else) tell you "no".  Coaching gives you the push you need to overcome doubts and fears in a supportive environment that works at YOUR pace.   Whether you're coming back to singing/song writing after a long gap, or are just starting out, let's do it!     Life is too short to worry about whether something you love is right or wrong.